The Conference

The conference series entitled EconoFis focuses on the application of physics in the analysis of complex economic systems. The scope is to gather physicists and economists to exchange viewpoints and experience in order to develop and establish this research area in Brazil.

In its first edition, EconoFis 2007, the conference was jointly organized by the Physics Department of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, DF-PUC-Rio, and the Physics Institute of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, IF-UFRJ. It brought together 150 participants among students and academics of different fields, market analysts and practitioners. In its second edition in 2010, the conference will take place in São Paulo, and will also be supported by the Institute of Theoretical Physics, São Paulo State University (IFT-UNESP).

The conference program includes tutorial seminars on some main subjects of Econophysics. With this aim, we invited distinguished international researches. The conference also presents some representative Brazilian research groups in Econophysics, through invited oral contributions. Other participants are encouraged to show their work in poster format.

We also invited economists that develop quantitative analysis in order to pursue solid conceptual Economic grounds. A round table is also sketched to discuss the interface between Physics and the Market modus operandi.

The suggested topics of the meeting are:

  • Statistical Physics of the Fluctuating Economic Observables
  • Agent-based Models of Economic Systems
  • Market as Complex Evolving Systems
  • Market Behavior and Predictions
  • Complex Socio-Economic Networks

ECONOFIS´10 - II Encontro de Econofísica
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